Class Descriptions and Teachers

January 1-June 30, 2015

All classes are held at JITB, 47 Portland Street, 2nd floor, Portland, ME.  Parking available across the street in lot.  Yoga mats & props are available.  All classes are by donation.


7-8:30pm     Reclaiming our Roots Community Herbalism with Angel Putney

**Begins February 9th ** Every other Monday night **

For centuries we have been using plants for shelter, nourishment through food, healing, and in spiritual practice to remind us of our connection to all of life. The tradition of community herbalism is based in the idea that plants are as common as people and that the knowledge and use of plant medicine should be equally accessible and available to all. This way of practicing herbalism is meant to empower communities through sharing not only knowledge of the many uses and preparations of herbal medicine, but to also promote social justice through resource sharing. Where there is plenty, may no one go without is our philosophy about medicine.

Throughout these workshops we will spark and feed your love of plants and the wonder that they can inspire through their many gifts. In our class sessions, we will discuss herbs that grow in our area, how they can be used in our daily lives, how to identify plants in the wild and harvest them through the seasons in an ethical way. We will also discuss medicine making and preparations for acute and chronic conditions, herbal first aid, physical assessment skills, body systems and energetics, and Ayurvedic philosophies and diagnostic techniques. We will offer hands-on experiential learning as well as information sharing.



7-8:15pm     Yoga for Gay Men with Dominic


This is an ALL LEVELS active & accessible Vinyasa yoga class. Connecting breath and movement, we will flow through Sun Salutations, Balancing Postures, Hip Openers and Back Bends. Modifications will be offered and are encouraged. Come prepared to deepen awareness and find inspiration through movement and perspiration!

                                           Angel Putney

                                           Angel Putney



7-8:15pm     Vinyasa Yoga for All Levels with Jeanette Richelson 

Jeanette Richelson

Jeanette Richelson

This class will offer a all levels vinyasa spiritual practice for everyone.   I am trained in O2 Yoga, which balances many principles of Ashtanga Yoga with a more creative and less predictable Vinyasa-flow format. I studied with Mimi Loureiro and Elliot McEldowney in Boston, Massachusetts. I am excited to share with my students the power, joy, and openness that evolves from intentional movement and conscious breath.


8:30-9:30am  Vipassana Group Sit with Margo Mallar

Vipassana Group Sit (for anyone who has taken a course with SN Goenka or any of his authorized teachers)

Mindful Sundays
A 90 minute program consisting of 3 parts: listening to one of the 30-minute lectures from the course The Science of Mindfulness: A Research-Based Path to Well-Being with Professor Ronald D. Siegel followed by a 30 minute discussion then 30 minutes of meditation. No prior experience with meditation is necessary just a curiosity about mindfulness practices. No need to attend from the beginning, drop in anytime. 
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