Justice in the Body LLC at 47 Portland Street is currently closed and in organizational transition.

Sage Hayes + Angel Putney are have moved their practices + apothecary to alchemy wellness center at 87 Ocean St. in South Portland. 

Check back for updates regarding justice in the body.


An Exploration

What is Justice in your Body?  Here at JITB we invite you to be curious, to go inside yourself and discover what your path is to creating justice in your body.  

This is a dynamic exploration + path - creating space and ways for your body to guide you towards justice, love of self & other, deep restorative health + liberation.

Check out our new YOUR STORIES section and consider submitting your response to "What is Justice in Your Body?"

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Experiential Opportunities

At Justice in the Body we provide ideas, questions, classes, workshops, a blog, and interviews as jumping off points to explore justice in your body.  

There is no one right way to create justice in your body - it's your path, your process and your liberation.  Follow your truth + stay curious.

Classes and Workshops!




Cultivating dynamic community is the roots of Justice in the Body.  Together we can create  conditions for restoring justice in the body.  New possibilities are often enabled through love, support and encouragement.  

No matter where you live or what you're going through, you are welcome to be a part of the JITB community. 

Community Events!

Justice in the Body  47 Portland Street, 2nd Floor  Portland ME  04101  207.939.7699

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